Wedding Videos

Wedding videography is a service that is becoming more and more in demand over time. These days, technology has gotten to the point where even low-budget videographers can get their hands on equipment that will allow them to take truly professional videos. Of course, having a nice camera doesn't necessarily mean you're going to take great videos or wedding photographs. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when selecting a camcorder and deciding on the camera and photographic equipment you'll use.

Selecting a Camcorder

It is important that you understand the difference between camcorders if you are going to select one that is appropriate for event videography. Not all camcorders are inherently useful for this type of video production.

Standard Definition Camcorders

Modern standard definition camcorders almost universally use mini digital video tapes. They are a popular choice for videographers for a number of reasons.

First, standard definition camcorders can more accurately create a look and feel to videos that mimics the “film” look with a 24p or 30p setting. 24p means that the camera will use a shutter speed of 24 frames per second that will be filmed in progressive scan-- hence the designation 24p. This is the setting you would use if you wanted to recreate the look of a 35mm film reel for a video that is going to be viewed on a television or projector. If you want to create the film look for a video that will be viewed primarily on the web, you would shoot in 30p mode.

Standard definition camcorders also provide you with a lot of flexibility in how you transfer your videos. You will be able to transfer your video from the tapes to any editing program without having to worry about file-type restrictions. If you were to film on a full HD camcorder that recorded the video files as mp4 files, you would only be able to transfer those files to editing software that accepts the proprietary mp4 file-type.

Full HD Camcorders

These are the most financially accessible camcorders out there. It's not unrealistic for a videographer to pay under $1000 for a brand-new full HD camcorder that will take unbelievably clear footage. There are a few benefits to using full HD camcorders over standard definition ones.

Obviously, the price difference is fairly substantial. There are many brands out there that deliver full 1080p video and 24p “cinema modes” for a fraction of what you'd pay for a brand-new standard definition camcorder. The only issue you will find where price is concerned is when you want to have interchangeable lenses. Full HD interchangeable lens camcorders can sometimes be astronomically expensive.

Full HD camcorders are also becoming a standard that wedding clients look for whenever they look for wedding videographers. It's important that you get a full HD camcorder that shoots in 1080p and not in 1080i. While 1080i will provide you with exceptional quality, the majority of home theaters use 1080p televisions. This format is expected to be the new standard within a few years.

Sound Equipment

Finding the right sound equipment for a wedding is crucial. There are a couple of different microphones you should use for your shoot.

Omni-Directional Condenser Microphones

If you are able to have two camcorders on site, then you should use an omnidirectional microphone for a camcorder that is dedicated to capturing the scope of the wedding. This camera will be used for catching wide-angle shots of the procession, panning shots of the wedding reception, and ambient noise throughout the wedding.

Directional Microphones or “Shotgun” Microphones

Directional microphones only capture sound from a very limited area. These microphones will be your best bet when getting interviews with guests or capturing the wedding vows from a distance so you don't impose.


Lighting for weddings is different than the lighting you would use for a photography or other videography venues. You will need to have different types of lighting to suit different situations.

LED Panels

LED panels will give you an impressive amount of light while weighing very little. They are best used as an attachment on a shoulder rig or a fig rig.

Lamp Lighting

Various types of lighting lamps should be used to illuminate the bride and groom during their vows. This really is the “magic” shot of your wedding video so you need to make sure you go out of your way to get the lighting right here.

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